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Alternative to LastPass?

So, I have been using LastPass since it was launched (many years ago…).
I am very happy with it, and therefore I never looked for an alternative.

However, today I received an email that after a month (16/3/2021) you can no longer have both PC and Mobile in the free version. You either keep PC or Mobile and if you want both, you have to pay.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no problem paying for a service that I am happy, but I refuse to pay subscriptions. If it was once off, like buying a software, I would with no second thoughts. But that subscription thing to every single service there is out there, it is like a huge leak on our bank accounts…

So, is there any alternative to LastPass, where is free or once off, that:

  1. Works on Firefox (at least)
  2. Works on iOS and Android
  3. Saves both user/pass/url but also CC information for online shopping
  4. Is secure

bonus: can import my info from LastPass

You can try using Keepass flow.

Keepassxc has desktop integration with browser and does it also on Android.

My guess there must be a way how to do it on iOS.

Keepass database gives you versatility of what client app to use and how to sync it across devices ( that you have solve, I use syncthing )


Bitwarden. Check it out


I started using Bitwarden last year, and would also recommend it.

I was using Keepass and KeepassX for several years before switching to Bitwarden. My decision to use Keepass was not wanting my passwords in the cloud, but given the files are encrypted with Bitwarden I’ve warmed up to the idea of them being stored in the cloud, and the convenience of it over Keepass is great.

I haven’t used it to store CC numbers, but that feature is there:

I’ve used the browser plugin with both Firefox and Brave. Have the app on my Android phone. Have the Linux app on my laptop.


Keepass if you want to go full manual. But it also allows to store the DB, through and extension, on a cloud storage service of your choice. That’s handy as long as you keep your key to yourself.

Or, if you want to go cloud, a Raspberry Pi 4 + Bitwarden it’s a great solution. But it requires you to go through a manual setup and it might be finniky to work with. But it works and can work daily.

Those are the most secure ways to conveniently store your passwords in my opinion.

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Thank you all for your input. I installed Bitwarden for now and looks pretty similar to LastPass. Import was easy too. I will try it for sometime and if I am not happy, I will check Keepass next.

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Have you used it for a while? Can you store your passwords e.g. on onedrive or gdrive or Dropbox or any other file sync service? It should also work with nextcloud for sync in that case.

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No, the password store is transparently synced to a central server. Defaults to bitwarden’s servers, but you can host your own if desired.


I started using it with a local database, having done from Keepass, but switched to their hosted option.

Have not tried web hosting, and as Noah mentions, don’t think it integrates, more stand alone?

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What’s the process for hosting your own? I don’t get why something that works with a simple file sync is absent from open source. Syncfile.uuid should be more than enough to sync multiple hosts simultaneously with minimal collisions

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For the official server? Painful.
Hard requirement on MS SQL (in docker no less), requires registration key (free), technically uses docker-compose but you have use their helper script instead of using it directly. Will not launch with anything less than 2gb of ram.

For the unofficial bitwarden_rs server? Easy, just docker-compose up with a couple of env vars. Uses like 30mb ram.


Inb4 L1T guide / video


prettymuch. was going to do it only on keepass(xc) since it mostly works fine with onedrive/dropbox/gdrive sync … anyone here use it that way?


If you don’t want to have to host your own. There is NordPass. You do not have to create an account then it will be saved locally on your device. With a local account it will not cloud sync, so you’ll have to setup each device.

I’m currently very fond of 1password. Has CLI integration that I’m yet to use and also a linux desktop app (still a bit wonky). It can fill multiple field accounts, secure files.
All in all, using for over three years, would recommend.
Currently have way over 200 stored “secrets” :smiley:

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Another vote for Bitwarden.

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I do, KeepassXC w/ browser integration enabled synced with nextcloud.

The only reason I refuse to switch is mostly two reasons.

  • At the time of searching for a password manager, bitwarden was no where near what I wanted.
  • Bitwarden is a docker container and I have nothing available to set it up currently.
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have you ever had trouble with conflicts or problems with multiple hosts simultaneously? or any other edge cases long term? I use it this way too but on a very limited # devices, so its never been an issue.

conflicts are quite few, usually keepass is smart enough to know that I’ve edited the database on a different machine and asks if I want to merge.

I use KeePass and Google Drive… works well enough. Kinda clunky on Android but I’m not really a mobile person.