Alternative to HWMonitor on linux

is anyone aware of an alternative to CPUID's HWMonitor on linux. I'd like something that gives me both the temp and the usage of the CPU and GPU?

I use 'lm sensors' to find the temp of my CPU. I think it depends on what company your GPU is to find the temperature. I use nvidia-settings for mine. It would be different if you had an AMD card.

You could try I-Nex It should be similar to CPU-Z for Windows.

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open hardware monitor

GPU temp can be obtained with aticonfig something with -pplib and some other command. Do you even run AMD/ATI?

thank you for the help, i-nex seems to be a decent one, unfortunately there is no linux version to open hardware monitor.

From the Open Hardware Monitor website...
"On Linux systems the Open Hardware Monitor requires Mono with WinForms."