Alternative PSU for HP ML150G6 for a proyect

To start guys thanks so much for all your videos. I got a couple of days ago a HP150G6 server. It is working as intended. The HD where beat up so i get new drives for it. After a few easy work, Windows 10 is running. very good in fact I am surprise, since is not for it. I need a more a PSU to power a GPU maybe a 980 or 980Ti or any other AMD card. Q. What i need to check, or any brand of PSU. I now that the current one has a 24 pin, 8 pin and a 4pin. I will make a map for the pins and try to get a voltmeter to check the current. next week. Any ideas or suggestions. The raid cards are working but i will take it out, the CPUs are on the way. I know is old stuff but is a nice project to work.

Thanks for any feedback and have a great friday!