Alternative games for somebody who thinks about switching from consoles

she likes:

The new majoras mask, last of us uncharted, heavy Rain, a Link between world, bloodborne, shadow of The colossus and project Zero.


besides playing those games on pc via emulatoren any other recommendations?


also a lil help with setting up a couch controller pc tv setup would be much help.


I don't think you can play some of those games you mentioned on a PC even via Emulators. Like the Last of us and The Uncharted series. Bloodborne is not even out yet.

You can more or less play those other triple A games that is available in Steam with Big Picture mode.  Just buy an xbox 360 controller. If i'm not mistaken that controller is plug and play.


EDIT: Just googled ps3emulator and clicked the 1st hit. Anti-virus blocked something from that website. So yea steer clear from it.

Best bet would be to see what type of genres she's into and use Steam tags to find similar ones :) 

(Obviously ignore the sarcastic tags.. )

An alternative would be googling "Games similar to ___" and seeing what suggestions come up :)