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Alternative Firmware for HP JG411A Router?



I have a decommissioned HP MSR2003 JG411A Router that was being tossed at work they let me have. Are there any 3rd party firmwares I can run on this? I wanted to run OpenWRT or something on it but can not find anything on it.


I’m not an expert on router firmware, but I’m gonna guess no. DDWRT/OpenWRT is mostly geared towards consumer stuff, with a focus on wireless (some enterprise APs work with it, like Buffalo and UBNT). So unfortunately you may be stuck with HP’s OS.


I would check DDWRT/OpenWRT website and see if they have any instructions on how to replace the Native firmware with OpenWRT, if you can’t I would replace the motherboard and add whatever router firmware you want. Boy I wish I could be as Luckly as you.