Alternate Graphics Card for this Build?

So this build is for a friend of mine that wants to try out PC gaming.

I'm looking for a alternative graphics card that could work with this build.

Preferably Nvidia and around the same Price as the one it has listed.

Any information is appreciated!


at the price point, you aren't going to get any better than what's in that link, the 960 is exact same price as the 290 and the 290 destroys it. if you spent a tiny bit more you could probably pick up a 970. that is the equivalent to the 290.

I have seen the benchmarks and I shall stick with the R9 290

Thanks for the help.

Spend a bit more and go for the Vapor-X!

This one?

Yuppers. Logan even did a review on it awhile back. It is also compatible with Direct-X 12 and you have the benefit of having more VRAM for the future. Although there could be a Fury X with 8GB at some point. I guess see how it stacks up to the Tri-X