Alright guys I need more VRAM

i got about 7gbs of actual vram in my sli system, i really don't want to spend more money buying a new gen graphics card to replace these. in fact i like my graphics card , i'm just running short on vram when i go to max out gta 5.
Is it a problem to three way sli a weaker graphics card? like a gtx 950 would give me just enough vram ( 2gb ) .
Has anyone here three way sli'd different graphics cards? by the way my current rig is two gtx 970s in sli. I don't want to get another 970 though!

haha not realy.

Vram doesnt double wenn you run two cards in sli.
You still only have 3.5GB + 512MB of vram effectively.

Time to grab some RX 480s..

3.5 mega-gigabytes ain't enough anymore.


Does DX12 not go around that?

I have not seen that yet nope. ☺
Maybe in the future?


I think it was part of the DX12 thing as well as using different types of cards together, but not sure.

Supposingly till the time wenn most of the current cards are allready transformed into wallart.

yes, DX12 supports that, but the developers have to actually implement that part of dx12 into their titles for it to work. So it's at the Dev's discretion

By the time its implemented, current cards will be coasters.

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I think that that part is still a long way ahead on us unfortunatly.
Till that time i suppose that those GTX970´s will allready be sorta obsolete.

I would personaly sell those GTX970´s and buy a single GTX1080 Ti or AMD VEGA wenn that is out.

it shows 8gb vram inside gta 5

i hate selling lol

And mind you DX12 is ass compared to Vulkan which AMD cards excel at.

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Thats odd, especialy on DX11.
But i suppose that it just shows the vram of both cards individualy.
Effectively you only have 3.5GB + 512GB available.

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yeah but i play with almost max settings taking up 7gb ram usage and it only slows down when i go over that

Then i suppose that your software does a false reading or what not.
Vram does not double with 2 cards in sli or crossfire alike.

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Afaik in contrast to AMD's crossfire, sli does not work with different cards (e.g. you can put 3x970 or 3x960 or 3x1080, etc in your system).
AMD isn't so picky, which means you can get a 390 and a 480.

Nontheless, and as mentioned before, vram does not simplay add up, you should grab a 480 with 8gb of vram.

Graphics video memory does not stack in SLI of Crossfire. When you go over the 3.5GiB threshold of the GTX 970 you will see performance degradation FPS dips, lack of consistency and so on.

Actually, you can only crossfire two cards using the same chip. E.g. 390 and 390x, although you sacrifice the 390x and it essentially runs the same as a 390. I would assume 470 and 480 would run together as well, but nothing else.

GTA V is odd. It adds together the available vram, but the actual amount is indeed just the 4GB you get from the SLI 970s.

oh wow so i just got 3.5gb vram sitting there doing nothing

Not really. It's simply how the tech works.