Alphacool gpx waterblock

Right installed alphacool gpx waterblock on sapphire r9290x gpu was getting fairly high temps at no load 42 degrees then ran stability on aida 64 jumped to 82 degree's screen went black no signal to monitor windows is booting but no IO initialisation error on qcode no vram lights either eufi bios light coming on have I fucked my gpu is it dead any input would really appreciated thanks have done all usual things reset cmos etc.etc.

check to see if the block is seated right? No leaks? doesn't seem that hot before crashing. did you use the gpu before installing the waterblock? did you try every output on the GPU?

The reference 290s ran at 95°C under load so I doubt the heat killed your card. Even if it got too hot it would probably shut down to prevent that from happening.
Don't have a solution for you, just some thoughts :/

Reseated block making good contact no leaks have had gpu for last year only decided to water cool because one of the fans failed

Thanks anyway.

Did you use any thermal padding between the passive heatsink and VRM / RAM when you installed the block?

Also might try a different pci-e slot to eliminate that as a possible issue.

tried that as well i really am stumped on this eufi bios light lights up when pressed but no other power

ya used thermal pads supplied

replaced cooler fans running lights on gpu lighting up but nothing on gpu

Sounds like you didn't use enough thermal paste to me.
If the full die doesn't get covered its rest in pepperoni for that girl.

thermal past was covering gpu dye fully even spread out over side of dye

you think my gpu is dead?

It might be.
When you install waterblocks directly on dies you want to put a somewhat large pea of thermalpaste in the middle, none conductive paste.
Screw the 4 screws somewhat tightly to make the mounting pressure alright.

Do you have the stock cooler for the card? Install it with all the pads and see if it works.

did that unfortunately fans spinning lights on but nothing else

did oven method for reflow card detected in bios but crashing pc trixx not detecting temp or frequency oh well was worth a try god damn it is it worth trying again or should i give up

Did you buy it used? If so, you got a card that was mined to hell and back. Had the same issue last year with a 280x, and the year before that with a 7970.

I'd try to RMA it.

Out of warranty by two months no bought it new