Almost to Building my PC

Okay, so this is it. This weekend I will be ordering my some of my parts and picking them up. I just wanted to make sure that this is it. The prices are varied because Microcenter carries most cheaper :P.

Okay, so here it is.

What kind of RAM are you looking at?

just some GSKILL 1600.

Looks alright. if i were you, i would pay a few dollars extra for 1866 RAM. Also, if you plan to overclock at all, you need a decent CPU cooler.

eventually, i will be adding a custom watercooling kit to it. so im keeping it regular right now.

and maybe i can expand my budget, will it really help me?

Yes.  Try to get the fastest RAM that your motherboard supports.

Fastest Ram :)

Buying faster ram is stupid. 1600 is perfectly fine for an Intel build. I guarentee you won't notice even a drop of differance between 1600 and 1866. The only reason to recommend 1866 or faster is for APU's and AMD systems where overclocking actually has to do with the ram. My eyes are bleeding from all the goyim in here recommending faster ram like it is actually an improvement and not a waste of money. I bet you think the ricer heatsinks on corsair dominator look good. or actually do somthing too?

HOLY SHIT LOOK AT ALL THE DIFFERANCE RAM SPEED MAKES IN GAMES, oh wait 1600 performs the same as 2133 and at half the price. What's that I hear? RAM is pretty much the fastest part in your computer already? Oh right, try running a RAM disk using 1333 and notice that it's practically 400x faster than your SSD then tell me what real noticable differance 2133 will make to performance.


Okay, so that faster ram doesn't matter, is everything else in the build alright? How will the 7870 ghz perform in games like Black Ops 2 and BF3? Maybe i'll throw in some Crysis too. How will it do?

7870's are great cards, it might be more worth it to not get a Ghz edition since it's a little bit more expensive and just a factory overclock that you can do yourself. That'd save you a few bucks. But yeah, 7870's are great cards and will run most everything on high settings. It might not be a bad idea to throw an extra 50 in for a 7950 though if you want a little bit more future proofing.

Oh also, you might want to change the Caviar Blue in your build to a Caviar Black or Seagate Barracuda. Blue's are decent but not the fastest, unless you have or are getting an SSD then it'd be fine.

Well, that is why I am getting the ghz edition. Since this is my first build, I am not overclocking for a while. So thats why I would get the ghz edition. 

And unfortuantely, this is my birthday present, so I cant throw in a little extra money. I do plan on adding a custom watercooling kit in the near future and adding a ssd for my boot drive and for some games.