Almost ready to order new computer, looking for any final suggestions

A while back i decided it was time to switch to a newer pc since my current is starting to get a little old. For the past few weeks i have been doing some research and am planning to put in the order in less then 24 hours. I personally came up with this BUILD and am wanting to do some checking to make sure i get the best bang for my buck. Any help is appreciated.

Some helpful info:


These were gifted to me from a friend for use in my build if I so choose:

- Rosewill Lightning 1300 Watt 80 Plus Gold PSU  (the only downside i see to using this is some loss of power efficieny)

- Rosewill Blackhawk ATX Mid Tower Case

Items that need to be included in the list:

- Everything for the tower (Mobo, CPU, etc..) (you can minus out the PSU and Case)

- Copy of Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Planned use: 

- Gaming, mild streaming (using OBS to Twitch), and occasional video editing (adobe premier)


- Under $700(usd) (after rebates is ok)




and thanks again for any help.


PS: the build i posted includes everything i need to get the computer up and running, that is the reason is doesnt included a psu or case. Also, this will be my second computer build, so i have some idea of what i am doing.


PPS: You may also have noticed the build only has a 250gb SSD, i personally can live off of that until i free up some more money for a HDD (for bulk storage)

Here is are 2 builds that have more CPU power

One with SSD:

And one without SSD (this one can achieve an overclock because of an aftermarket heatsink but at the cost of having a mechanical HDD)

im now seriously considering taking your SSD build, swapping the radeon r9 270 for the 270x that i posted in my build. or would that be advised against?

I would advise against getting the 270x, the 270 and 270x are the exact same GPU, the 270x just has a higher stock clock that can easily be reached by the 270 via overclocking. The 270 is the better buy over the 270x

appreciate the info down the line i may overclock it

The primary reason why this far exceeds the anticipated budget is because of the OS. I hate trying to fit that into a build, because I never bother with it. You could potentially compensate by dropping back down to a Radeon R9 270, but why would you?

Well, if you do decide to bother, and I can understand that legal frugality can be a great pressure, then consider searching on ebay for a graphics card. I've done that for you in this listing, just follow the link under the custom part to go see the graphics card. There are multiple units available, so I'm hoping that some may still be available when you check in. Regardless, Ebay is fraught with Radeon R9 270s of varying flavors, ensuring that there is always some good deals to be had. I just opted to recommend the MSI Gaming version, because it is a non-reference PCB and takes to overclocking particularly well.

In explanation behind the choices that I've made: the motherboard features a superior 10+2 digi+ VRM design, which provides more stable power delivery and finer granularity in voltage adjustments while overclocking. I included a really inexpensive 120mm tower cooler, because it is simply necessary. I also threw in some faster RAM, since it is on a particularly good sale through NCIX, and you will likely purchase enough from them to warrant their free shipping. The reviews on the PNY XLR8 SSD look promising, so I included a slightly smaller version of that and coupled it with an inexpensive 1TB HDD. The SSD is large enough for your system files and a few, if not most, of your applications. Due to the relatively poor performance improvements provided during gaming, it isn't any particular benefit to store them there anyway. And finally, pick your flavor: Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

If you're going to recommend that motherboard, which I wouldn't necessarily suggest (6+2 power phase?), at least make sure to price fix (to guarantee that everyone is shown the cheapest current price) and color match. I was able to undercut your price while also color matching the components. The only place where I reduced the performance of the component was in the SSD, but it's only sacrificing noticeably on the write cycle, so it is a less significant loss, especially considering the sizable difference in price.

The 6+2 on the Asus boards is perfectly fine, ask MisteryAngel she runs one with an 8 core OC'd

consider the longevity of the components. I'd prefer to run it on a board with similar VRM designs, but a greater number of them.

A smaller number of higher amperage/higher efficiency MOSFETs can last just as long as a larger number of lower amperage MOSFETs, its has to do with quality. Besides the board is a 990 chipset which is designed for the FX 83xx CPUs so I'd be very surprised if it couldn't handle a 8 core for 5 years