Almost hate to ask.. 27" or 32" and.. g-sync?

So, I've got an Acer K272HUL with a GTX 1060, it's showing signs it might be headed in for service, which is always my key to look at new monitors. Never quite end up with matching monitors that way, but it works for me. Main PC moves up, secondary moves from 24" to 27", wife's 22" moves up to 24"... you get the idea.
Trying to decide if I want to go with a 27" or 32" and whether 4k or 1440p. I'm concerned a 4k 32" would be too much for my progressive lenses (yes, getting old sucks). But might be kinda nice at 1440p. Then again, the 27" has been fine, and I only have to squint on rare occasions or for really bad fonts.
I do quite a bit of gaming, but it's more casual (Civ series, etc.) I've noticed freesync discussed in a lot of reviews, no one seems to mention g-sync, why is that? Is it irrelevant? I also watch a LOT of movies (we don't have a TV).
Also, any recommendations? Less expensive is good. Trying to keep under 400.


Definitely don't get anything 4k below 40in range of you have bad eyesight, in the same way even with contacts and I tried it.

1440p is the most logical choice, as far as 27 or 32 if you love 27 there's really no way you won't enjoy 32. That being said you could always go for dual 27s though!

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Yeah, I am running 32s and 1440p; very nice for the price, and easy on the eyes too.

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My laptop has gsync and omg is it so much better. it makes me kinda sigh when I hook it up to my ultrawide to game.

I'm not sure you will find a 27"+ monitor with gsync for anywhere close to $400.

If you can afford it, gsync is very nice, but unfortunately it tends to add a bit to the cost of a monitor.

I've got progressive lenses and I've been using a 32" monitor for the past two years. YES! You will get a stiff neck from trying to look through the bottom of your lenses. Solution? Go to the grocery store, pharmacy, etc. and get a $10 pair or reading glasses. Problem solved!

For the first three days a 32" monitor looks absolutely massive and overwhelming sitting on the desk. After about four days, you'll never want to go back.

G-Sync is worth considering if you go the 4K route, but I'd be surprised if you're able find anything that's close to your price range.

Got the Philips 40" 4k monitor, I only run it at 4K when I need to do work on retina based device testing, image work, programming scaling tests etc. I always run it at 1440p, it's perfect. As for the size it's spot on. Love it. Shame about the color bleed thing (but I have the 1st model they released).

I also have 2 x Samsung 1440p 32" monitors, which I used to have to the left and right of the philips. This was nice but was way too much tennis head going on (awesome for space and driving games). But I've now retired one to storage and keep the other rotated at 90deg and only turn it on when I need it. Using 1 of them at 1440p 32" is fine, readable and all is good but I couldn't imagine 4k at 32" and certainly don't want to experience it.

So for you probably best to go with 32" @ 1440p, you wont regret it. However if you can, grab the 40" 4k philips and run it at 1440p.

This monitor is a couple of model years old, hence the friendly price (seems to me that it was >$800 at launch), but it may suite your needs, so long as you don't need a super fast refresh rate for twitch gaming.

The panel has really good color and viewing angles, as well as awesome contrast, so it'd be great for TV / movie viewing.

Also, for monitor reviews, I find that TFT Central does a fantastic job.