All USB ports fail?

Hi everyone, been hanging around the Teksyndicate site for a while and finally decided it was time to get over my anti-social self and pose a question that I can't figure out.

Every so often (Honestly random), all my usb ports will fail, then after a short undetermined amount of time they will all begin to work again. This includes my front panel USB ports on my case as well as the ones on the back of the I/O. The only way I know they fail is that my internet connection dies, my mouse and keyboard stop for a second, and usually I'll have my phone plugged in it'll quit charging.

Even weirder, it's never done it while I'm in the middle of any online game (BF3, WoW, TF2, etc...).

I'm on Windows 8. Any suggestions would be awesome, thanks all!

Update your drivers? Honestly im not sure. Could be some PSU or driver problem