All out Buy - Or - Piece by piece


(admit it, you read that in Prof. Farnsworths voice)

After putting up with a once fast laptop for the past 5 years, I've finally decided to get back to a proper tower.  It's my first build in 13 years, and my second ever.  After a bit of research and weighing up value for a gaming rig my specs are going to be:

AMD FX6300, XFX Radeon HD 7870, Gigabyte 970-DS3, Corsair Vengeance 4gb, Corsair CX500 W PSU

Pretty sound choices for a £600 rig (with case and peripherals) I thought.

However, I thought I'd buy a bit at a time, as and when paydays came along.  With this in mind my intentions and budget go out the window everytime I head into the store.  First the PSU got upped to a Corsair TX750, then this month the 6300 got upped to the FX8350 (because it's likely as good as the AM3+ socket is likely to ever get, so I told myself buying the 6300 now and upgrading later was possibly a false economy, I justified to myself).

So why not wait a bit longer and get the XFX 7970 Ghz DD instead?  Hmm.  It occurs to me this is a way to totally ignore my budget and spend way more than I intend to.  But also get a much better system with a lot of patience.  But right now I just have a very expensive box.

So what do you say, does anyone else ever build this way?  Or do you think having to wait an extra 4 months for an extra 10 FPS sound not at all worth it?  I'll tell you this.  It's killing me when brother sends me a game for my birthday and I can't run it :(

honestly this is how i built my personal rig and how im building my wifes rig right now, its smart to get the most for your dollar, impatience will cost you.

It's best to wait and buy everything at once. Piece by Piece building and swapping gets to be more consuming on your wallet and your time. Take your time save up you'll be far more satisfied with the outcome.

i disagree, by waiting ive saved nearly $100 on my wifes build and its a budget build at that, if you time it right you can get great deals by waiting


I buy at the same time so the warranties are around the same. For instance, if you were to receive a defective part (and you waited so long that the warranty expired) to get the last part that you needed, then you would have to buy a new part to replace the defective one instead of just calling (or emailing) the company that it came from for a replacement. Al long as you dont take too long to aquire all the parts then you should be fine though.

well obviously you shouldnt take a year or more to get the parts, but im talking weeks and maybe a few months at the most.

The warranty problem did occur to me (funily enough it was my main justification for upping the PSU quality on an impulse).  I've had a MoBo sat around for 2 months now, as yet untested.  But again I still believe that I'm gonna get a system that I will be much happier with when its up and running for much longer.

But it raises another question.  If you're gonna build like this.  In what order do you buy components?

Then you should be fine.

for me i buy essential components first, basically the ones needed to run/test the machine, also i buy the ones i feel are at the best deal at the time, for example if you see a processor for $30 off chances are that it will be a while before its at that price, so buy it. this applies to all the essential parts, ram, hard drive, mobo, processor, power supply. the case and things like heatsink go on sale all the time same with peripherals so usually i buy those last.