All my programs keep crashing!


About half a year ago I decided to build my own PC.

For this I used these components:

-Intel i5-3570K

-Club3D HD 6950 coolstream

-MSI Z77A-G45

-ADATA S510 60gb SSD

-some HDD I scavenged from my old PC

-2 x Kingston HyperX Blu 4 GB DDR3-RAM 1600

-Corsair CX600M PSU


Everything went good in the process and I ran it for a few months without any problems whatsoever. However, more recently I started to have a lot of issues, about every program I run (mostly games) crash 10~20 minutes in, they either CTD or I get the "program.exe has stopped working" window. I also had a few BSODs mostly in the more intense parts of games. At first I suspected my pirated version of windows 7 to be the problem, but after downgrading to a legit version of windows 8 I'm still having these issues. Therefore I assume the hardware to be the problem.

I tried running memtest86 for a day but I didn't get any errors, so I assume my RAM isn't the problem.

My CPU idles at ~40 °C and my GPU at ~50 °C. I don't know what else could be the problem. Please help.

Best regards, Spermcube.

Is anything overclocked? I know you ran memtest, but it still seems like a RAM issue to me. Try using one stick of your RAM at a time and see what happens.

My CPU is overclocked to 4.2 GHz.

Thanks I'll try that.

Tell me what happens after that. Remember to try both sticks by themselves.

I tried each RAM stick, no problems with each of them.

However, I also put my CPU overclock back to 4,0 GHz, no more problems so far.

Thanks for the help anyway.

No problem. Must have been a small stability issue.