All in one watercooling

Good day gentlemen,

Planning to build a rig using an Asus Sabretooth Z87 and i7-4770k, I know it's overkill for gaming but I have a need for speed and a budget to allow it. I'm hoping to overclock the CPU to a safe and beneficial level, which I can run it at 24/7. I'm going to go for a watercooling option, and in particular an all-in-one. My choice is between the NZXT X60 or Corsair H110. I was also thinking of the H100i maybe if the gain from 140mm fans isn't that great. I have looked around and many reviewers have said different things about the same products and I cant make my mind up! If you have any first hand experience it would be great help.

Thanks from Britain!

''Need For Speed'' Haha i see what you did there,i heard that those ''haswell'' cpu attend to be very very hot! I would go for the NZXT X60

The swiftech h220 is also a good choice.

Go for what ever you can fit in your case. H100i will be ok, anything less than that I wouldnt really bother. If budget isnt a concern go for a proper loop, temps will be a hell of a lot better.

I'd tend to agree with Nachosauce, only if it would fit in your case. Check this vid out about the H220. If its not for you, then dont mind me.