All-in-one SATA, NVME, 2.5/3.5/M.2 to USB docking station exist?

My question is pretty simple. I work as an IT technician, i’m wondering if anyone has created a

All-in-one SATA, NVME, 2.5/3.5/M.2 to USB docking station.

If anyone knows of any in existence please post a link!

No you need multiple things, This probably wont exist for awhile either as NVME docks will continue to be expensive making the demand to do all not really worth it.

You would only need 2 docks to do this tho 1 for SATA and 1 for NVME (u.2 main connector and use a m.2 → U.2 Adapter)
$35ish have one its pretty good
Usually goes for $120 ish

VS Sata docks being like $20

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I have created just the thing! Build a computer in an xb evo and then get a front-slot m.2 reader!!!

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