All-in-one coolers x2

Hey guys, need a bit of advice on the hardware placement in my rig, current parts are as follows:

Case: Corsair 350d

Storage: x2 ssds + 1 3.5 2tb HDD

GPU: EVGA GTX 770 ACX cooler

Blu ray optical drive (3.5 internal)

Zalman LQ320 All in one cooler on the CPU, mounted to the rear 120mm fan placement.

Other fans: x4 140mm fans, 2 top 2 front.


My issue is I've just bought one of the few NZXT Kraken G10 GPU brackets for the all in one coolers, but I can't quite figure out which 2nd cooler to buy, and where to mount both of the coolers.


The SSDs are in the provided SSD mounts and the 3.5" HDD and the optical drive are both in the optical bays.

The case's hard drive cage in the bottom has currently been removed. but I could put it back in if I get a good placement strategy.


Any help is appreciated.  :D


front mounted?

i could front mount the GPU cooler, but which do i use? and if i should get a 240mm or 280mm rad, where will i put the ssds?

i dont get what you mean by which should you use? do you mean water cooler rad? which ever one will fit in the front, usually that's a 240mm rad or just a 120 or 140mm rad. really depends on how much space you have there. for the ssd's just put them anywhere, they are so small and flat, i just stuff mine into the 5.25" bay im not using.

Both of my 5.25" bays are full, and as for the rad on the front I have a choice of a single 120mm or 140mm, or a dual 120mm / 140mm if I remove the 2.5" drive cage. But then there's the issue of where the ssds will sit, and I'd rather not just leave them on the case floor. as I'm going to be moving this rig about.

As for the rad itself I meant the all in one coolers like a nzxt x40 or corsair h105

I'm basically trying to figure out which one is best for the space I've got.