All in one computers. Apple vs. Dell vs. HP

Here are some all in one computers.




The HP is a little more expensive due to it's Beats by Dre sound card. The Dell manages to be a little more expensive due to its higher specs and touch screen.

The link for the HP is broken (product no longer available).

First of all, I can never, in good conscience, recommend an Apple computer due to their piss poor business practices, absurd profit margins, high prices, and, in some cases, lack of functionality.

I tried looking for the HP all in one, but the only thing close to $2000 was their touchscreen ENVY series, priced at $1400.

AFAIK, Beats Audio is a SOFTWARE modification, not hardware, at least that is the case on Android (I installed it on my Evo 4G non-LTE). Under the configuration for audio, the only option is integrated sound card, so assuming Beats is a software mod is a reasonable assumption.

Between Dell and HP is going to be a price and personal preference. They both install a lot of bloatware, and have similar quality, which is fairly poor. Personally, I'm a little partial to HP as I've trouble with Dell and proprietary hardware in the past.


UPDATE: Personally, I'd opt for something a little more standard, in case of future upgrades. I found this guy, which is based on a barebone kit that utilizes mini-ITX.

>The HP is a little more expensive due to it's Beats by Dre sound card.


why would you want an all-in-one? they are all pretty much laptops without the buil-in interfaces and no battery, trying to pass themselves off as desktops. pretty much all the bad points of a laptop, without any of the good.

Alright I fixed the link.

I'm just trying to compare Apple products with other company variants. I don't even like all-in-ones.

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If I was forced to to get an all in one it would be be a dell, there penty of pre built systems out which are much better.

Dre Beats means nothing. I've had it before. Why an all in one? I'd get an apple just cause. I never really see a point for an all in one.

you have just made little too no sense in that statement