All Help is appreciated Pc Build

So I want to build a PC and switch over to pc gaming. I was wondering which is better for gaming Intel or AMD. I would also greatly appreciate if people could give me some full builds with a budget of around $600-$700 (U.S $).

I greatly appreciate any help and if i pick your build to go with I might do some sort of steam gift or something to return the favor. I would like to be able to play most games completely maxed out if possible. I like to play many different types of games from Call of duty to WOW to indie titles to sports games and everything in between I wont be doing much else on the computer besides playing games and watching movies. 


Thanks for any help guys 

I also forgot to mention my brother has offered to give me his old graphics card


So should i just use that or go with something newer?

Keep the HD 7870!  It's still quite good, and it's technically still being sold under AMD's new naming scheme(R9 270X).

I would recommend Intel as the single core performance will be better for indie games (in general), and it holds up pretty well against CPUs like the FX-8350 in games like BF4.

If you only plan on running one GPU, this would be pretty nice.  It's also a bit overclockable, as well:

You can also see your components in the case window :)