All gone! Have to start all over again!

I'm so upset and mad I have to share this with the community since you guys were an important part of the building process as well.
Last night someone broke into our office and stole my brandnew beautiful X99 rig (check my profile for details) alongside my Curved LG 34inch, two 24 inch LGs, a 23inch Touchscreen, one older convertible laptop that I loved and had for a very long time, two DSLRs and a Blackberry.
Whoever the bastards that did this are, they caused the operations oft both my and my girlfriends businesses to come to a halt for now.
Fortunately they were seen by a neighbor who called the Cops so they couldn't take the File-Server or any more stuff.
Now all we can hope for is for the insurance company to pay fast, so we can replace all that stuff quickly.


That is so f#cked mate. Hope they catch the mongrels and shoot em. Those monitors alone would make me go all vigilante and shit.


If you are happy to - and ONLY if you are happy to do so - let us know where you are (country and suburb) so everyone can keep a lookout for parts matching your specs being parted out, or an entire system if the thieves are super stupid.


Be sure to check google location services - that is of course if such was enabled in your browser that was on the beast. Could be a lead of sorts in the hunt.

Thanks a lot for your support guys. I will defenitely keep a look out for my hardware on ebay and such.
If anyone wants to help, I live in Germany, Wiesbaden area. I don't know how many germans are active here, but there is also a big american community in this area because of the army base. Maybe there are even some Teksyndicate members amongst them. I know chances are very small, but if anyone hears or sees anything it would be greatly apreciated.
The police doesn't seem to care much. They didn't even want to trace the stolen smartphone. There are just way too many incidents like that.

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I checked. No logins either on the computer or on the blackberry since they were taken.

Probably were factory reset from the boot loader. I'm sorry about what happened. That's messed up.

Also from germany here :)
Do you have serial numbers of all, or at least some of the stuff? Has the machine you had set up some service that contacts any Service you own? Maybe a remote share, DDNS or something? You could contact those services and explain it to them, or uf you host the Service, log requests from IP's not your own. If you're lucky, you might catch the new owner's IP adress. Same for the Blackberry and stuff.

Well, I talked for example to 1&1 about their logfiles on the mail-servers and they told me they keep record of log-in attempts but I need a court order to get access to that.

Guys, you won't believe it. Cops just called, they found the stolen Blackberry in a shop. Shop owner had a copy of the sellers ID, so we have the name of one suspect at least. Three other shops around the city have reported to police they were offered the LG curved ultra-wide but refused to buy it.
Maybe I'll actually get my stuff back. This is pretty exciting.


Was the Blackberry tampered with in any way? That's great to hear.

Best of luck, man, that freaking sucks.

Does blackberrys have some kind of location logging/tracking? If so, you could just got to know where a theft lives... :D

Good luck getting your stuff back!

If you have any kind of remote desktop thing that runs in the background, like TeamViewer, then maybe you can use that to figure out where it's at approximately based on some packet capture from WireShark.

Any kind of peer to peer anything that can connect to that computer is a possibility.

We actually have an arrest! Yeah! Unfortunately, police did not find any of my stuff when searching the thieves home.
The good news is, the insurance money is already in, so just today I ordered all the monitors and all the parts to rebuild my X99 beast. And, it's going to be even better then it was before. ...USB 3.1, check!....980TI, check....NVMe SSD, check!
I'm so happy this went so fast, so we can start working again.


Awesome! Been following this thread, nice to see you get your stuff back! :D

you got new parts from Insurance, check. The criminal was caught, check. good day for justice :)

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