All browsers work on my phone, except the one I want to use

I have a rather rare and uncommon phone and it only came with a weird Chinese browser i refuse to use, so the first order of business was to install Vivaldi.
Vivaldi worked correctly for a while, but for the last 4 or so versions, it keeps hanging on pages and providing a pretty poor experience in general, I even posted about this issue on the Vivaldi forums to see if somebody else had this issue as well, but it seems I’m the only one.
All other browsers I’ve tried work correctly, so for now i have settled on MS Edge, but I’d really like to use Vivaldi again, since all my stuff in synced there.
Anybody knows why is this happening? It seems to be particularly worse in Google, but it also happens in a number of other pages, including DuckDuckGo.

You could try completely resetting the phone, I’ve never had any experiences with that manufacturer.

It could also come back to location and maybe the app is blocked, and or the website.

Yeah, i did that, didn’t yield any results.

My theory as well.

Can you install Lineage OS?

The Xiaomi curse has struck again!

I think this is a classic case of chinese ROM issues. It can happen with Android Auto, for example, or Google Maps. For this ROM it seems like other browsers are troublesome.

If you want to be sure that all the apps you’ll even want to install work you’re gonna need a new ROM for it or go for another phone, less oriented for the chinese market. I know it’s sold in the EU aswell, but they suffer the same issues with apps.

I know it’s not much of a solution to your problem because it’s a fairly new phone and I, if I were you, I wouldn’t want to have to install a new ROM and risk breaking it in the process.

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Nobody made a version for this phone yet, and I doubt anyone will…

Yeah, that’s true, my Xiaomi before this had some issues with GPS apps, despite being a global version.

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Since i posted this, i began to have further issues with another web-related apps on my phone, and K9 Mail helped me find the culprit, which was my phone’s battery optimization service.

Turning the service off for affected services, namely Vivaldi and K9 Mail, has fixed all issues i had with both previously.