Alittle help please :)

Hi everyone!

i have a few questions and i wold greatly apreciate it if someone gave me the answers!

1.My future computer specs:


Heatsinck:Xigmatek dark knight

Motherboard:Gigabyte GA-990 UD3

RAM:G-skill Ripjaws 8Gb

HDD:western digital caviar blue 500gb

PSU:corsair TX 750W

and the question is:can i get a good motherboard that has a onboard video and get the actual video card later? (if you know a good motherboard tell me please :D)

2. If the on board video motherboard choice isnt good,simply suggest a good video card that wont bottleneck the FX-8350 and is cheap!

3. I saw that the AMD 6900 series and up are good but why do they cost so much when they are a lower series (7000 series and up is the newest)?

Thanks in advance!


DO NOT GO WITH ON BOARD. You will hate it. So slow and can hardly run anything. If you were to go with a low end mobo and go with a higher end mobo you will be wasting money, just go with the right thing even if you have to save a little money. You will be better off.

UK or USA?

Im in Europe :)

How much do you what or can afford to spend on a card?

100-150$  and if you can answer the other questions ? :)

Am3+ MB's do not have integrated vga

for 150$ go for 7850 1gb

you could take 650w psu and 1tb hdd

Isnt this better ?

its 2Gb so.. and its cheaper :/

^^^ i am not shure you can order from newegg if your in Europe (i tryed in the uk but thay whont ship here)

And no the 7770 is much worse + the card is not powerfull enuf to even use that 2gbs of vram

Ok and can you suggest a site were i can buy things like this ? A site were they ship in Europe :D

Where in Europe are you?


Bulgaria :/ (the prices here are so high,GOD!)

Oh shit don't get that motherboard, I have it and it is so crap

Its one of the most highly recommended motherboard in Newegg ?

What problem do you have with it ?

I have constant issues with the bios and it never wants to run my 1600 memory at 1600 even when I've balanced out the voltages manually, maybe I just got a bad board.

^^^ Thats becase you overclocked your cpu to unstable Ghz....your ram will change for system stability with your masive cpu over clock ..

It depends on what you are doing on your build... :)

Watch this video... It help's a lot! :D

You are totaly right! But if thats not the problem mybe he can overclock your motherboard to sustain that RAM!

No thats not the problem b/c I couldn't get the ram to 1600 without it failing even with my cpu at stock speeds