Alienware Question

First off; I know, I bought an Alienware, deal with it. I wanted the 7970m GPU and this was the first company to offer that the day I was purchasing. 

Now that's out of the way I have a question regarding CPU. I recently purchased the m17x R4, but it didn't ship with the Ivy Bridge CPU. In your awesome opinions is it worth sending back just to wait another two months for a replacement to be made?

I'll bite my tounge about the Alianware :P

Probably not.... In a laptop Sand Bridge will probably be better than Ivy Bridge for overclocking, and thus performance wise about he same (Sandybridge probably cooler at the same performance)

On the other hand if Battery life is a big concern then Ivy Bridge is good.

^what he said

gaming laptops aren't exactly known for their awesome battery life but I don't know if you'd actually see an improvement with the ivy chip as the fans will be reved up more due to more heat