Alienware liquid cooler on new Motherboard?

I'm scavenging parts from my old Alienware PC (I'm sick of their garbage motherboards, but my new motherboard won't fit in their case, so I'm getting a new one) for my new build. Are these plugs on my CPU cooler normally found on most motherboards? The fan plug I'm sure is fine, but I'm worried about the CPU pump. Anyone have a 6 pin pump connector?,PWAB18B,aHTi9vi,P3OUG2r,HSKCuUI

Assuming that the old PC wasn't Intel socket 2011 and this one isn't AMD it should hopefully be fine.

It was socket 2011 :P i7 3820, but so is the new motherboard I'll be getting.

Then it will work; no matter what shit they put into their motherboards, they still use standard socket 2011 mounting holes.

Out of curiosity, what mobo are you getting?


The case (if it's any interest) is a Bitfenix Colussus Venom Window

Fantastic choice :)

Are you talking about a 6 pin motherboard header? Or like, a PCI power?

He's talking about getting power to his pump, but I've never heard of a pump using a 6-pin connector before. Once he posts the pictures, this should be easier to figure out.

Like this? I don't think there's a motherboard header for that.

yep, like that. It was hooked up in quite an unusual way. It was hooked up to some odd looking slim PCB on top of the case (where all of the internal lights were) which hooked up to the MIO board that was used for lights and fan control and then FINALLY hooked up to the motherboard via the MIO board. Here's a few pics. The Alienware motherboard isn't pictured; I ghetto rigged our old HP machine into the case. I still wanna use the case a lot :P,PWAB18B,aHTi9vi,P3OUG2r,HSKCuUI

That looks to be a completely proprietary connector. Your best bet would be to contact Alienware (Dell) to see if they have something that you can get from them to still use this pump on another motherboard. If you're up to it you can also try taking the connector apart and see if you can insert the wires into a standard fan header. I would still check with Dell though to find out what the specs of the pump are so that you can wire it correctly.

Oh god, contacting Dell? Talking to their tech support is a nightmare. I think my grandmother may know more about computers than they do. Question though, Would I be able to connect my MIO board (what the pump connects to) to my new motherboard and run it that way, so long as I have the necessary drivers, software, etc.?

I would imagine that as long as your MIO connects via a fan header then you should be able to use it with your new motherboard. If it uses some kind of proprietary header then you probably won't be able to without at least modding the connector.

He would also have to make sure the Motherboards chipset could control it.

MIO board had a proprietary connector port on the PCB, and the MIO board connected to the motherboard via a USB connection.

OK, then try plugging your MIO board into a USB header on your new motherboard to see if it comes up and gives you any options for control.

Its a custom screw you connector from Dell. Here is the pin out for it. And i am shure with a little moding it will work fine.

Bah, screw it, I'll just buy one that will work for sure, and then sell the Alienware one. Any suggestions as to what I should buy? I'm overclocking an i7 3820 to 4.3 GHz.