Alienware 17 vs. DigitalStorm Krypton (Good) vs MSI GT7

So... I'm looking for a laptop to render.The future owner is about to graduate as an Architect and need lots of speed to work with Lumion, 3D Max, etc...


I'm on a $1500 budget (can add a couple hundreds)..


I've been considering the three in the title, but i'm open to suggestions :)

Alienware 17 vs. DigitalStorm Krypton (Good version) vs MSI GT7


Thaks a lot! 

I find alienware overpriced.  I'm sure others on the forum find so too.

DigitalStorm Krypton is also a bit expensive, but pretty good.

I would go with the MSI GT70

16GBs of RAM will be useful in your rendering.  Of course, the 4 core mobile i7 has pretty good computing power for a laptop.  The GTX 770M is a strong mobile card as well.