Alienware 17 base model actually reasonable? WHAT?!?!

So I was looking at the alienware desktops for some comedy (Build a PC don't buy one plz) then i was like "Hmm Laptops, this'll be like hilarious" So i checked the base model of the Alienware 17.

For $1500 dollars you will get -
i7 4720HQ
GTX 970m 3GB
1080p Display
8gb ram @ 2133 mhz
Killer 1535 Wireless
1tb HDD

So im not a laptop guy but I am in the market for one for LAN parties and conventions and other crap, so i decided to compare this to other popular same price range laptops.

So i came across the ASUS ROG G751JT-CH71, love the name right?

It includes an..
i7 4710HQ
GTX 970m 4gb
16 GB ram
1080p display
1tb hdd

So i was like woah, the ROG only has a little bit of an edge with the ram

Please tell me if you have any other good deals in this price range to help, but Alienware's price seems fairly rational, im scared. (They're desktops still make me wanna puke)

Thanks TS forums!

If you're willing to drop the gimmicks I'd get this:

Or this:

Damn, thanks, but i must ask, is there a 17 inch version? If not i'd be willing to get 15 inch at that price

I don't believe so unfortunately. I know how you feel :). If you really want that extra screen real estate I'd get the Asus you mentioned. I don't care for Alienware although I will say that they are some of the most modular laptops I know of.

So u did a little research. Get this:

It's solid. Probably the best laptop under $1500 right now.

Alienware is getting back on track. My M15x cost $1800 when it was new and it had an i3, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD, and a GT240M. Those are disgusting specs for that price. (Mind you I didn't buy it when it was new.)

This. All of this. The M17x R3 and R4 are incredible used laptops because they "unofficially" support much newer GPUs while allowing the most powerful CPUs of their generation. They still have 1080p displays (something Dell should not be using on modern 17/18 inch laptops, but a couple years ago was fine) but they are extremely glossy.

I will almost always vote for a used Alienware or Sager (np8170/9170) over a new machine. Chances are you get something with a second or third-gen i7 and a modern GPU for $1000 or less. That's not too shabby.

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A while back I was looking at the M17X R4... I could never afford one. I think if you need a laptop to replace your desktop that's the route to go. Laptop processors haven't reall improved over time... I kinda wish I didn't build my desktop at this point lol...

It's okay because Sager now puts desktop CPUs in their high end. The NP9753, NP9752-S, and NP9773 all are LGA1150/Z97 based laptops.

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I want a laptop with a 5820K in it :)

Well you could build an X99 ITX machine in a Silverstone RV01B, then mount a 17" LCD to the top of the case on hinges and call that a laptop...


I googled that laptop for reviews, and i found this

Its that same laptop with an 256gb ssd for 50 dollars more than retail, judging by CUK's website you get a 3 year warranty on the laptop (1 year more than MSI's warranty program). If anyone here has experience wutg Computer Upgrade King, your input would be appreciated.

Lol don't think i didn't consider that

If you want something a bit more portable there's always the MSI stealth series, though naturally the alienware is going to have better cooling on it

Looks fantastic for the price.

And for a bit more scratch:


For shits and giggles:

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980m and i7 for 1600? What is this witchcraft? Ok that may be the laptop i go with, but again i must ask, there has to be one area they skimp out on, do you know of any issues with the laptop?

Here's a review for the P670SA, which is the same overall chassis I believe. Whatever this review says should be the same for the P670SG.

This witchcraft is Clevo. They are the brand behind the brand. Clevo makes the barebones chassis for a number of companies (Sager, AVADirect, Xotic, XMG, Alienware Pre-2009) and tells them what components can be used with the chassis. They can dictate pricing as well, and since the OEM companies now only pay the price of parts and labor and not manufacturing, you can usually find Clevo based systems for a couple hundred less than competitive ASUS, MSI, Alienware or even Lenovo systems. (That doesn't mean ALL of their systems are cheaper.)

Edit: The really big a blaring downside to the P670SG is that the GPU and CPU are soldered in place, and are not upgrade-able. That said, both are extremely overkill for the system they are strapped to and you should not be needing an upgrade even in 3-5 years. You might still want one anyway.

Hmm, with a hard price to beat it may be worth the lack of upgradeability.... thanks man you've been a big help!