Aliens confirmed/hillary a reptile


So far not even Coast to Coast have touched this:)

I really hope it's not real. Look at that fucking handle. [email protected] wtf

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NYT Wash Post or CNN I would have my doubts.
Wikileakes is so trusted they may get FCC licensing someday.
I would love if President Trump gave Assange Helen Thomas's old chair in the White House press briefing room.
Julian Assange may well be the keynote speaker at the 2018 White House Corespondents' Dinner.:)

lol?!?! what was that email thread even about? Strategies for foreign policy with extraterrestrials?

From what I've looked up so far, the 16th man to land on the moon from Apollo 14 was who that email was with, and ever since Apollo he and a few other astronauts have been saying aliens exist.

He also died at 84 recently, they day of the 45th anniversary of Apollo. They lady the email is with is also a known alien psychopath as well.

This was part of the Clinton staffer email leak.

Also found some other shit about the Vatican having well documented meetings in 2009 about dealing with ETs.

But we're getting into grey areas now where there's no real evidence. Thought it was interesting though took me off guard.

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