Alexa "skills"

i got an echo dot from my work and it feels kinda pointless to me, what app skill can i make for it that would be compelling to the community?

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personally because i play runescape there is a like text (voice) adventure that is one of the quests (their first voice acted quest in the game) its pretty fun imo

(got a echo with my phone on a deal)

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this has saved me a few times after drinking and waking up on the couch after some Netflix and wine
when set up right you can make the numbers they call from ring even on silent so you can always find your phone

the Alexa ecosystem is great if you have any other smart home devices or Alexa devices my mother who i take care of if she falls and I’m not around its just as good as life alert. and a lot of personal things like voice remote being really good “Alexa rewind (on fire tv) 34.5 seconds” it can do that and be able to talk to people as if you had an intercom system is nice.
you sacrifice privacy for this but from my personal experience it gathers information and you have to be comfortable with the sacrifice or don’t use the device

now being a dummy and rereading and comprehending what I have read. I apologize and feel stupid for posting this sorry