Alestorm - Refreshing and Entertaining (PirateMetal)


I found this track completely by accident and was surprised at how it was not only entertaining (and funny), but also by how catchy the tune itself is. 


Annoyingly catchy, in fact... :)


Check it out, fellow metalheads.

Peter Griffin if he Did Pirate Metal


Pirate metal is great fun. It is comedic for me but I like it every now and then, really just puts me in a fun energetic mood.

I played keelhauled once in work just once and for the last 3 months I've been branded a pirate by a colleague  as much as I enjoy Pirate metal every now and then  I'M NOT A PIRATE... rant over

now I must say pirate metal is best listened too drunk and start a sing along in the bar I guess that's an Ireland thing starting the sing along in a bar :P

Actually saw them about a month ago. One of the best concerts i've been to, the hole crowd was singing and jumping.

Also I was really suprised with one of the support acts called Troldhaugen from australia.

Their performance was crazy, just like their music.

lol I was wondering when Alestorm would pop up in the feed. I found these guys a few years ago, they are hilarious. Not something on my daily listen list, but fun every once in a while.

Alestorm is awesome in a fun kind of way.  I really don't think there are any better drinking songs than "Drink" or "Wenches and Mead."

This, 100 pecent. Those guys will be in town in the spring. Looking forward to it.

Good friend of mine saw them at a small gig and ended up mosh pitting with the front man while 8bit metal was being played, sounds like a great night

I found them only about a month ago via Pandora. They're great and I can now say I'm a fan of true Scottish pirate metal.