ALDI Gaming PC - wut?

So this is a thing:

Main Specs:
- i7 6700
- GTX 1070
- 16gb DDR4
- m.2 SSD 256gb
- 2TB HD
- Includes Win10, keyboard and mouse
- Unsure of CPU cooler and motherboard

All this for $2k AUD! Thoughts?


Here's what I came up with on Aussie part picker for the absolute cheapest version haha:

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Adding our Aussie GST into the final price / quote would blow this out to around $1800 to $1900, and this isn't even factoring in Aldi's mark-up yet either.

That thing is better GPU wise than what the local Expert Bening tries to sell, or MediaMarkt for that matter.

Single components are cheaper, so get those.

Oh I had no intention of purchasing this system, I just wasn't sure where to put this thread and it looked interesting haha
Although a 1070 is on the cards for the next GPU upgrade.

@Schwarz_Wolf yeah good point. Just seems bizarre they are selling this, my brother got a drill press the other week from ALDI. This week it's a gaming PC haha - who knows what next week holds!

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Sheet metal on 20t coils?

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New to Aldi huh, fair enough.

When Lidl finally reaches Australia, we'll see some decent competition and Coles and Woolies will be fucked.

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Aldi never surprises me what they sell, I even seen router tables (woodworking) being advertised in their catalogues lol.

The Coles, and Woolies duopoly is just plain absurd, and our woeful government allows this to happen :(

A Quinnie with a 50 horse on the stern lol.

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you lot make fun of it but most of it ain't half bad either. Here they've been selling Medion PC's for like a decade. All kinds of DIY stuff from Topcraft and with Lidl Parkside stuff.
Heck I've seen clothes, gardening stuff, compressors, car gadgets, ladders, bikes

Not even nearly as weird as Mediamarkts trip to space or to buy an island. Now they have a deal which includes tailored suits, beds and e-bikes.

Yeah I agree, they definitely have good deals! Like I said, the drill press and other tools are actually pretty good considering they're from a supermarket.

I was just surprised to see a capable gaming PC haha, I didn't realise the Medion PC was a thing.

My first PC was a Medion from Aldi wasn't a bad deal to be honest. It was no gaming rig but It was better than anything costing twice as much in pc world. That was before I plucked up the confidence to build my own rig though.

I thought ALDI was just a grocery store. That's pretty much why I go there.

Thats.... Really reasonable. If need a new new PC I can drive 12 miles down the road and get one that isn't shit.


Aldi is on a fkn roll lmao

First they rebrand the Wanhao Duplicator i3. Best printer under 400 bucks, basically.

Now a pretty killer gaming PC.

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This is a pleasant surprise, at least its decent specs.

Hell probably better than spending the same amount at Best Buy