Album Of The Year

Boys and girls I present to you, the Album of the Year.



Steven Wilson: The Raven that Refused to Sing (And Other Stories) is the best!

Great prog album.

Although that's not bad (had to image search, maybe provide artist and album title next time), bit of Post Rock is okay here and there... Check out Russian Circles: Memorial (2013 album), somewhat similar sound.

I enjoyed Tesseract's Altered State, followed by Deafheaven's Sunbather.

Steven Wilson's music is incredible

How can any person choose one single album. These three are the most memorable for me

If you enjoy very obscure Black Metal, give this one a listen (another one of my favorites of 2013)

Progeine Terrestre Pura

+1 to altered state. I also like Periphery II

2013's album of the year is a pretty difficult choice.

If you're into it though, Fallujah's "Dead Sea" EP is absolutely ridiculous. And, their drummer has cancer. CANCER. Yet he still plays like that. Incredibly talented musicians.