Alanah Pearce (Aussie Games Reviewer) Puts Online Game Trolls On Notice (by notifying their mothers)


This is an article about an Australian games reviewer, and local journalist: Alanah Pearce (Radio-JJJ games reviewer), who decided to give under-age trolls a taste of their own medicine. She must have tracked-down their identities (I'm guessing via IP addresses, and a search on social-media), and notified their mothers. 


You have to admire Alanah's ingenuity in tracking-down the perpetrators.


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Well it looks like she just saw the facebook posts, has their full name in it, so not all that difficult. But still funny.

Good - they days of being an asshat on the internet with no consequences have gone on far too long

There is a marvellous touch of irony (and comedic value) Big Al.

What's that old adage?  If you're willing to commit the crime, you should be willing to do the time....