AKG K7xx - Buzzing in left ear with bass and low frequencies

Hi guys and gals,

I have just started to notice some buzzing in the left ear of my K7xx headphones. The buzzing is audible in bass heavy music (I first noticed it listening to some Daft Punk today). Generating a 60hz tone in audacity (a worst case scenario), the buzzing is very obvious and only in the left ear.

My question is: How normal is a defect like this? Is it worth going to the trouble of invoking my warranty or should I just ignore it, because it's not that bad. Ultimately that's up to me, but I would be interested to hear other people's opinions or if anyone else has had a problem like this before.

Thanks :)

It might not be a defect. It could literally be dust or a hair on the driver.

Just take off the ear pad and see if you find any crap on the driver.

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I vaguely remember reading about driver rattle on the K7xx in pretty much the situation you're describing. You'd have to search through the discussion on Massdrop for the details, but it is a known issue for some pairs.

I'd say contact either Massdrop or AKG and see what they have to say about it.

Thanks, I'll look into it a bit more.

Was the problem resolved? I bought a set of these recently and have really enjoyed them.

I also have a pair also ten months ago, but I never had the rattle problem.

three things usually cause driver rattle, From a P.A. standpoint at least, but I doubt there is a huge difference.

insecure driver- check to make sure the driver is secure and not wiggling. wire hitting the rear of the driver can fall under this category.

Driver hitting frame- Sometimes drivers will be mounted flush to the chassis. this means that instead of the driver being mounted through a hole, the driver is mounted behind a hole. as the driver flexes and vibrates, it hits the chassis if the chassis was not cut to proper size for some reason.

blown driver/ Torn surrounds- sometimes glue is not totally applied right. this can cause the surround and the cone to separate. or the driver can be blown causing a "flappy" sound that sounds like distortion or buzzing.

Reducing volume and bass would test all of these theories.
If the buzzing decreases, yeah, brave the return process. This is because all repair procedures would likely violate warranty.
I am sorry i do not have better news.

That's just normal bass from high quality headphones, it's like how honda vtec kicks in.

Not resolved yet. Have sent Massdrop an email and I will explore my options with them. Most likely though I'll just put up with it I think. International RMA is likely to be a pain in the butt, and the problem isn't catastrophic.