AKG K-240 MKII vs Superlux HD668B?

Hi, I recently broke the T shaped plastic that holds the cans on my JVC HARX700
and now I need a new pair of headphones.
I did a lot of searching around and got 2 in mind:

AKG K-240 MKII 109€
Superlux HD668B 33€

Does the sound quality difference justify the getting the AKGs over the Superlux?
It will be used mostly for rock/metal music and gaming (fps/MMOs).


I have a few pairs of the 240s ....one pair is almost as old as me....I still use them over Audio technica in sound and I have yet to find a set of cans to beat them in durability, the new ones are not aas good as the old 600Ohm variants, but they are still damn good.

Ok man, thx for the help