AKG Headphones

So I found an awesome black Friday deal on amazon, But I want to know if im paying for the Quincy jones name on these headphones. http://www.amazon.com/AKG-Signature-Reference-Class-Premium-Headphones/dp/B004444O3W/ref=sr_1_35?s=aht&ie=UTF8&qid=1385750619&sr=1-35

Also will these work well with the Asus Xonar d1 Sound card?

Some people feel that the headband is not comfortable due to the little pads.

Further it is a open back headphone - it wont isolate noises from outside and others can also listen to what you hear.

It is more of a hifi choice than a gaming headphone but will work with your Xonar.

However I would recommend to test it in a shop first -  the ear cushions are rather big and ppl (my wife for example) with small ears/head find it sometimes too big.

You should also consider Audio Technica M50 - a little less pricey and (if comfortabel for you) maybe a better choice for multi purpose.


Thanks, Unfortunately to get the $220 price I need to order them today therefore cannot try them out, but I'm confident that they will be comfortable. I game and listen to music a lot so I think these will be a good choice.

Usually the Q is cheaper than the K (non-sponsored) so don't worry about paying extra for the branding.