Akamai To Acquire Linode

Yeah, just a website and VPN. That is pretty much it for now.

I just closed my vultr account. I’ve been running personal and work projects there since 2018. Then I’ve briefly stopped my servers in October last year because I didn’t had an use for them.

Just this week I’ve decided to prepare my migration from proton mail to my own solution. There are plenty of how-tos on Vultur’s documentation about running MTAs so I thought that they would be friendly to allow inbound and outbound 25/TCP upon request.

But they treated me like a no name suspicious customer demanding information about my activities and denied my request upon the basis that “my account was not stablished enough to allow port 25” along with some shenanigans about leaving the server running for 30 days and requesting again. Like… have they even checked my billing history?

So if I was going to be treated as an untrusted newly joined customer I went to be a new customer elsewhere.

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