Air towers for i7 5820K, a few selected out already, help me decide?

Before you sugggest it. No. I do not want any form of Liquid cooler. AiO or liquid loop. If It has a chance to leak and drip water on parts I have no interest in it.

Ok now that's out of the way. I have an i7 5820K on the way.
I'm looking at a few Air towers now for it.(LGA2011 compatable)
1. Noctua NH-U9DXi4
2. Zalman CNPS 9900 MAX
3. CoolerMaster D92
I've also looked at the CoolerMaster GTS V8

I'm trying to decide between these 3 because they all spark my interest and appeal, but I'm not sure which one exactly to go with at the final purchase.

My RAM choice will be
Case is an NZXT Phantom 530

I'm not worried really about noise, my fridge and my apartment's downtown location make noise a non issue really, and I wear a headset a lot.

I'm more or less looking for a bit more detailed information of each of these air towers.

Right now leaning towards the Zalman because it's rated for 300Watts, Noctua for reptutation and i've seen other 2011v3 builds with it, and then the CoolerMaster is 3rd but it intrigues me by it's offset pushpull and it looks pretty fantastic.

For the Zalman, I wanna know if its possible to break/remove/disable the LED in the fan.

What do you guys think?

Also "Why don't you want a liquid cooler?" I'm a jinx and I'm not gonna play dice with something that could leak. Even if it's SUPER RELIABLE now a days, I'm going to end up getting the one that's defective and I think it's best with my track record to just not play dice in the first place.

Air towers are just fine.

You should check out this CPU cooler database for thermal performance at varying load levels. They use Delta temperatures so you have to add it to your ambient temperature in order to know the end temperature will be.

Just because a cooler is good enough for a certain wattage doesn't mean its going to be good at the heat load you'll be putting on it. This database has a lot of good information for you to digest and determine what the performance characteristics of a cooler is. Just look up what the power draw/heat load is for a 5820k (overclocked as well) then match it up on the Wattage column to get a rough idea of how it will perform with that cooler.

Most coolers are within a few C of eachother so it mostly comes down to price and aesthetics imo for an air cooler. I use a Phanteks PH-TC14P CPU Cooler that cost me around $80. It keeps my OC'd FX 8-core @ 1.5v below 58C in IBT with it and sits around 42C in games. Idles a few degrees C above ambient (24~ C).

Personally I'd stick to the Noctua out of those 3 you're looking at. I would opt for something a lot bigger and beefier though if I was putting together a 2011v3 rig myself.

I would suggest to grab a better aircooler for a 5820k if you realy want to overclock.

1 Noctua NH-D15
2 Noctua NH-D14
3 Phanteks PH-TC14PE
3 Thermal right Silver arrow extreme
4 Cryorig R1


I would use the Cryorig R1 ultimate,12.html

Nice chart

I completely agree with you in respect to Liquid Coolers, plus there are more points of failure.

Do you intend to overclock and if so, what are you hoping for?
What temps would you like to be within?

As misteryangel has pointed out, you may want something more beefier, depending on your answer to those questions.

I went with a DH-15 for my 5820k and have no regrets. Silent, cool, reliable (and I only installed it last week). The only negative for it is the size. Make sure it fits in your case and check motherboard compatibility on the noctua site. (they give a definitive list with lots of specific info).

Let me know if I can be of any use helping you.

I have to agree with Mistery. If you want to get the best overclock and save yourself time money.

TBH guys, I'm looking for info/advice between the coolers I picked out.

Call me picky but the asymetrical ones really just make me itch, like not literally but metaphorically it'd just bother me everytime I saw it.
Might sound stupid but my brain has a mean vanity streak sometimes and since my case has a window I've been browsing coolers for performance and aesthetics in mind.

I'm not really chasing after super low temps or insane overclocks.

I'm aiming 4.3~4.5ghz 1~2 core when gaming, and recording with DXtory(and maybe OBS) at 3200x900 (and other high resolutions)

4.3GHz is allready a 1GHz OC, just saying ☺

I was trying to wrap my brain around that. :) Which means your going to need to best air coolers on the market.

Yeah but it's a haswell chip the stock clocks set on the CPU isn't a huge factor compared to overclocking limits.

I mean it's 3.6ghz turbo

Ok so I was doing some research on the various coolers and checking around and I came across an older Guru3d review of the CNPS 9900 MAX,10.html

"Performance overall is very comparable to the performance of Noctua's NH-D14 coolers."

OFC these are some older tests so some more up to date stuff would give a more definitive answer to the maddness but it's good to at least see something a bit more than just speculation.