Air Flow in a Phantom 820

Hey guys,


I'm still planning out my build, I'll be going with Corsair's SP and AF fans. I've included a diagram of the air flow I intend on using and the fans. The AFs will all be 140mm. 

The SP 120mm fans will be mounted to a Corsair H100i at the top. 

I'll be taking out the bottom hard drive cage to get that bottom right corner unobstructed.

(Not a picture of my rig, just found one off Google for illustraitve purposes)  

Would this be a good cooling solution?

My Build:


Yup, that'll be plenty of airflow. You wouldn't really need more intake in the front than the included 200mm. There is also a 200mm fan in the side panel of the case.

Hey thanks for the response! 

So far I have everything on that diagram purchased and ready to go except the bottom intake fans labeled AF14.

I was already deabting which size and style fans to use and if you're suggesting I might not even need them that's cool too. I was debating using 2 AF 140mm or 3 SP 120mm that are pressure optimized, like the 2 used in my H100i. 

I am replacing the stock 200mm with a Cooler Master MegaFlow 200mm on the front of the case. I also bought a side panel from the Switch 810 with the bigger window and no side fan.