Air Flow in a Corsair 250D

Hi guys

I got myself a Corsair 250D, and I got fans for all the available fan mounts. I wanna make sure my PC is cool!

Here is a stripped case, so u can see all the fan mount points

The case takes 1 x 140mm in the front, 2 x 120mm on the side and 2 x 80mm in the back.

Im thinking of using the front 140mm and the 2 x 120mm on the sides as intakes and having the 2 x 80mm in the back exhaust air.


My CPU has a Coolermaster air cooler (water coolers are too expensive here in South Africa)

The GPU is a Asus Direct CU II R9 270x with it's stock cooler

What u guys think?

It can house 4 120mm fans (2 on each side) and a 200mm in the front, that may help increase your CFM and/or decrease noise over a 140mm. Pictured in this reply is an NZXT FS-200 LED 200mm fan in the front. You should have good airflow regardless, you have the right idea, I'd only suggest adding the 200mm and 2 more side fans if you'd be more comfortable with lower temps or want to OC a tad more.

I have been using this case as a htpc for a while. My fans are:

Noctua A15 on front intake 

Cougar 120mm on the right side intake (closer to the back) 

Noise blocker 80mm on the left rear exhaust. 

The left side has an R7 250 intaking air, so no fans there. 


Less fans fans the better for htpc though.