Air cooling for fx-8350

Hello everyone! Im going to get a fx-8350 (4ghz) with a ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX and im not going to overclock it (at least not hard :D )

and i would like to save money on the cpu-cooler and stay at max 45$.


I'm not good at air cooling but i am looking for scythe mugen 3 / Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO or Cooler Master Hyper 412 Slim. Which one is a good one? Or maybe other one?


Thank you


I would recommend the Dark Knight II. It is $50 but with it you will get temps around an h100.


Here's a thread on almost the same questions.
I suggested a xigmatek aegir.

I decided to go for  212 evo. I was looking  for dark knight but its hard to get. I hope  212 evo will be enough. Thank you!

The 212 is fine for a decent overclock (4.2, 4.3gHz). You might want to get some nice fans for it, such as Corsair SP120 quiet or high performance fans. If you want better performance, Noctua NF-F12 fans, but they are hell-a-ugly.

The Cooler Master V6 GT often goes on sale for $40,so if you see it for that price then definitely pick it up. It's a beast of a cooler. 

He already got the 212+

Corsair SP120 is a case fan as far as i know. Will it work well on 212?

Coolermaster V6 GT

I run a hyper 212 evo with noctua NF-F12`s in push-pull. Works great for an Overclocked x4 965 BE

thank you guys! Gonna get 212 evo with noctua nf f12 fan :)

212 evo will get you to 4.6 without any difficulty, good choice for it's price. I went from a 212+ (not as good as the evo) to a silver arrow but it wasn't worth the pain fitting the monster in the case just to get an additional 400Mhz.