Air Cooling (Danamics LM10)

So I decided to post a topic here concerning this air cooler. I am currently trying to find different air coolers to see which one will let me push an e8400 the farthest. This cooler is the first liquid metal based cpu cooler. I posed this question in another topic, but I was wondering if anyone else has any insight pertaining to this cooler?

that looks pretty cool, id like to see how it works.

Should be the best air cooling solution, if not as good or better than water.

i must see some reviews for this baby, i hope they turn out good, i'll have to replace my zalman CPNS9500, maybe put it on one of my old 478 boards or something. i wonder if it's better with a fan on it, cause sound doesn't bother me at all

Can someone link me to this cooler.

I tried googling it and nothing?

That thing looks unbelievable, Liquid metal!?!? WHAAT?

where can you buy it/how much is it going for?

Or is it even out yet?

i'm gonna guess you found it on google, but i'll post a link for others who have trouble

(better overview)

Yeah I did it looks soo sweet.


I wonde rhow much thats going to be.

Im guessing a lot!

holy shit.......

There is no official price or release date on this as of yet. I'm still researching.

I bet that thing will cost at least $150.

150? I'm thinking more around 125