Air cooler for Ryzen 1700x

I am looking for an Air cooler for the 1700x around the 50US range or less. My main concerns are for it to clear the G.SKILL Ripjaws V ram and also come with the AM4 bracket included in the box. I was looking at the Cryorig H7 but the AM4 bracket does not come included and it also seems like quite a bit of air coolers don’t come with the bracket. I am not sure why this is as the Ryzen has been out for a year or more by now?

I have looked at premium coolers like the Noctua NH-D15 SE-AM4 and Dark Rock Pro 4 but they are expensive and I am not really too keen on over-clocking. They also seem to have ram clearance issues?

Any suggestions that can fit the requirements?

A lot of makers will ship you an am4 bracket for free, I’d look into that. As far as coolers go any h7/ 212 type cooler should get the job done heck I’m using the stock one that came with my 1700 (because I’m lazy)

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I wanted to get it in the box as it may take a while for me to receive it (sea freight) and I wouldn’t want the bracket to ship separately.

I am running the Noctua NH-U12S, it does not come with the bracket. However the NH-U12S SE-AM4 version does.

Idle temp is arround 30°C, maximum I saw during load was 60°C

I will take a look into it.

I was looking at Thermal right Macho Rev2 ( I was able to find a review ( that shows it clears the ram slots but it was on an intel board.

You would probably be fine with something like this, is Thermalright more prevalent where you are?

Ryzen is not hard to keep cool, since you won’t be overclocking you don’t need to rediculous tower cooler imo

Actually I have just found out that a cooler I have, the DC Gammax 300 can work on the AM4 socket. It mounts to the stock AM3 retention brackets which are the same for AM4. I will just try this cooler instead and see how it goes. If it blocks a ram slot, I will use it for now until I plan to fully populate the ram slots. $0dlrs :smile:


Nice, money savings