Air Conditioners

Ok so this is not a pc hardware question but someone here might know the answer :D

I'm looking to buy an air conditioner, I'm in eu so it would be a wall mount split system(indoor+outdoor unit).
Is it worth paying the extra cash to get a model with a air ionizer? Considering Toshiba Suzumi and Daisekai models atm

The ionizer removes dust, pollen, some odors, bacterial, and so forth from the air. I've always been a fan of this tech but I have never had/worked on a HVAC unit that had this as a feature. My questions are simple ones; first how do you clean the ionizing parts? do they have filters that have to be replaced? do you have to wipe down an ionizing blade what is the deal and how horrible/costly is it. Second, how much extra cost are we talking about 250-400 seems like a fair deal as freestanding units are around 80-120 each and you would need 3 or 4 for a home. If the price is right and the maintenance is acceptable to you I would go for it a HVAC unit has a fairly long lifespan 10-15 years depending on the unit get a good one.

The price difference is 1000€ vs 1400€ so quite a bit, Im only buying 1 atm because I live in an apartment. As far as I understand you dont clean it, the ionizer is like a small nozzle near the plastic air flow fins, you only clean the dust net like on any AC.
They also come with plasma filters that have some sort of UV light, so thats like 2-3 more parts to fail, are they reliable or a risk?

I have also started considering the Panasonic Etherea, its priced inbetween at 1200€, comes with eion filter/generator? I dont know the difference between that and plasma but it may be a good middle ground?

That Toshiba Daiseikai unit looks like a really solid contender, it has ionizer plates inside and a cleanable filter. That being said while parts can fail filter systems aren't likely to have issues, it's the compressors that normally go. The Panasonic unit also looks like a good unit; certainly here state side they have a good reputation. I guess the question becomes how long are you keeping it/staying in home where it is installed 200 euro is a very small difference if it's spread over 5-10 years. Without looking at how these units hold up or what their heat dissipation is, power requirements, or expected service requirements (if any wall units don't normally require anything) I would lean to the Daiseikai.

The Daisekai and Etherea are both top models of the companies, about the same in power and electric bills, 3y warranty(5w output, A++ power efficency, dont know if that is the ranking in the US). I started this venture thinking to spend a 1000€ on a Toshiba Suzumi the midrange model but it has no special features, these 2 would cost me 1700€ and 1300€ respectively for the extra features. I'm a nerd so I like those, but the service guy said "only thing of worth on the ac is the inverter".

So the Panasonic doesnt have ionizer plates? I'm confused to what the e-ion thing is then?(it has washable filters though, just not on that pic) If its equally as good I'm leaning to the Panasonic because the Toshiba is almost double what I planed on spending. I still have to pay 200€ for installation on top, running a bit tight in the collar :D

I am worried about the Panasonic compressor endurance. Toshiba states that its twin rotary Panasonic doesnt, just calls it R2. But I on the pictures they both seem to be duals

If the air quality in your area or room is poor I would spring for the fancy setup, if not something with a hepa filter would do fine. Also consider one with the anti bacterial / mold kit if you live in a humid area as those can get pretty nasty while running in humid conditions.