AIO with TBolt that isn't shit?

I’m curious of AIO desktops that have thunderbolt 3 but aren’t shit. I looked at new iMacs today that were around 1699 for an ok i7, 8GB ram, TBolt 3, and an “RX” 580 PRO.

What exactly is there for availability in that sorta space? Some 2500U and 2700U machines, but it seems like its a market that is largely ignored. Could be fun hardware to hack.

Watch out with the 2500U and the 2700U. (If it’s Ryzen) There needs to be a Thunderbolt controller on the actual laptop/AIO in order to take advantage of Thunderbolt.

MSI’s offerings are less crap actually. The Vortex series might be worth looking at:

As an all in one?

I’m looking att something I can just plop down and there, tada.

It’s got a VESA mount, so I guess you could convert any monitor with VESA into a AIO…

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Yeah, I agree with this, whilst it might be less pretty (from the back) going this way opens up a lot of options. Whilst they are expensive the Hades Canyon (and to a lesser extent) Skull Cnayon are impressive little boxes for their size (if you can tuck that power brick away somewhere neatly).

He did say he wanted better than RX 580 performance and the Hades Canyon NUC isn’t really going to cut it.

The max config for the Vortex is a GTX 1070. (Desktop one too, not the Max-Q ones)

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No I meant I’d likeo to use my RX580. No reason to buy new. Lol

Dell has a 4k 27 inch thunderbolt 3 AIO. Core i7-7700 with AMD RX 570 8GB GDDR5.

Starting price $2199. Although you could try and looking at the Dell Outlet for it and see if it can be had for less.