AIO Water Cooler Under or Around £80 GBP

I'm looking for an aio water cooler at under or around £80 GBP. I am going to be cooling a Skylake 6600K replacing my Xigmatek Dark Knight Knight Hawk Edition air cooler. I have an Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX which has support for:

I know that the case has some clearance issues with thick radiators so I will probably need to go for a large surface area radiator. I've seen the Kelvin S24 which is £75 at the moment.

The reason I am looking for an AIO is I want an upgrade for my previous cooler which will be going into my old system which I have converted into a server. The server is currently using the stock AMD APU cooler which is for some reason overheating after some load.. I've just thoroughly cleaned and reapplied thermal paste to see if that's an issue or not. Something tells me that the (original) stock cooler just isn't cut out for cooling its own processors.. So the plan is, upgrade my gaming rig's cooler and move the old cooler back into my old rig which I know cools well.

Anyway, anyone have any suggestions for an AIO cooler under or around this price point?

I think the h80i gt is around the 80pound mark or there is the kraken x31 for around the 60 pound mark. It depends on how much cooling you will need as the h80i is a thicker rad.

Forgot to mention they are both 120mm rads you could get the h100i gtx for 90 which is a 240 radiator

I think i'd prefer a 240mm rad as it will require less air pressure to cool. (it will likely also be quieter)
I'll take a look at the h100i. Maybe I can get a good deal on it somewhere soon (would have to be new though)

It's the pump and the fans that makes the noise not the radiator the only different is the 240 had a higher surface area for cooling and therefore gives lower temps

Yeah I wont have to crank up the fans to cool the radiator with a greater surface area. I found a gift card deal on Amazon, so I can bring the price down a bit