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AIO stacking and peltiers


We’re reaching levels of power consumption previously thought impossible!
Yesterday I stopped in to Canada Computers and Deepcool CLC’s were on sale for $50, so I bought three. In hindsight, I should’ve probably bought 9, but I wasn’t sure if they were any good for what I wanted to do.
I sandwitched a peltier in between 2, and put the cold side in a bucket of water. It isn’t quite enough to keep up with the CPU under full load, but if I let it chill the water down to about 10C, it should take several hours of full CPU load to warm back up to ambient. I have 3 more peltier modules, and that should do it but I need 6 more CLC’s
Is it any better than a custom water loop? Probably no. (although with 4 peltiers there is potential)
Another consideration is that the peltier modules themselves consume about 100 watts at 12V, and are designed to operate up to 182 Watts at 17 Volts. I’m now using 3 ATX power supplies to run this system. One for ‘the system’, one for just the Vega GPU, and one for the peltier and pumps.
I’m interested in modding the regulator in the PSU for the peltier to raise the voltage to 15-16, but I’m a bit concerned about bricking it. I’d love to talk to anyone with PSU modding experiences, if such a person exists
Thanks for looking!


I never seen someone stick part of their aio in a bucket of water before.


I appreciate this for the lulz but it’s completely asinine.

And no you shouldn’t be fucking with your psu Voltage regulators, get a dedicated psu for you peltiers.


Actually? An ice bucket is an excellent and cheap way to get sub ambient for benchmark OC


I never knew this.


I remember messing about with Peltiers back with super socket 7.

I got an AMD K6 II+ 350MHz CPU to run at 600MHz. It did end in a puff of smoke and a nasty smell that took hours to clear the room.


Hey I don’t disagree, but sometimes you gotta do asinine things.
Ideally there would be no bucket of water. With 3-4 peltiers, I can cut all the rads off the cold side, and connect the tubing directly to the CPU plate. It’ll be a bit less asinine then. No spill risk.

…As for the PSU modding. I also agree, probably not a good idea, but it’s no different that people voltmodding or shuntmodding GPU’s. It can be done, all you need to do is replace the feedback resistors in the Voltage regulator with a potentiometer so you can adjust voltage. Obviously I wouldn’t actually connect the modded PSU to the computer… I’ve already chopped the 8pins and the 24 pin off this old enermax, soldered on the wires for the peltier and jumped the on-sense pin.


What about a more “industrial” power supply?

This Mean Well is designed to run at 13.5V to 16.5V (user adjustable) at 40A, which would give you more than enough power to run three peltiers at full power. It’s significantly safer for you and your components.


Looks like prices on those have come down a lot since 2016. Could be an option. Hopefully it isn’t loud?
It would be ok for 3 pelts but it is pushing the limit for 4.


TDK Lambda is another supplier for “fixed” (meaning adjustable via set screw) voltage PSUs.


Peltiers are not practical for everyday use but deb8er(sp) just posted a video on this