AIO Liquid cooling a GPU

It's an interesting idea, and I've seen it done with the Antec Kuhler series of AIO units. But I don't really like Antec's coolers. I was wondering if anyone has seen anything concerning, say, a Coolermaster Seidon 240 onto a graphics card, like say, a Radeon HD 6970?


Link to Antec mod:

You no longer have cooling to the cards ram or vrm's its a bad idea...

i did it to my 2 gtx 560's using corsair h50's. i get 24c idle and 50c load.


The RAM doesn't run warmly at all, and the VRMs can be cooled with little sticky heatsinks and passive cooling. I was primarily wondering if the trick to attaching the cooling plate/pump for the Antec Kuhler would also work well with the Coolermaster Seidon.

That's really quite impressive considering the relatively low thermal capacity of the standard thickness 120mm AIO units.

This guy has got a H60 on to a 6970 without useing zip ties useing the brakets given with the H60.

(You can use a H100 the same way)

Why not one of these??

He also has a custom backplate for it. From Dwood, I believe. The production of them has stopped, but you can find them around if you try hard enough.

that is the first thing that came to mind on this thread, from the reviews it seems like it does a hell of a job as a AIO