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AI writes better than you


You input some text, and the AI completes it. It comes up with incredibly great results maybe 10-15% of the time, so be sure to hit the button a couple times.

Original text is in bold, the rest was not written by a human!

Boycott Black Ops 2

Dylan Thomas

When I am bored, I tend to post funny/cool stuff



I like what it did to “Do not go gentle into that good night”

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Completing Spirits of the Dead by Edgar Allen Poe

C’mon, that’s pretty cool.

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But it was written by a person. :wink:
All of it’s output is derived from the amalgamation of human works once processed as input.



It’s a good #fakenews writer

Riley Reid has been accused by her fans of leaving the group after the death of Nicki Minaj.

She posted the message ‘I am sad. I miss you all, but we are trying to be strong & be strong as one’ on Instagram.

She added: 'Today I was told we are not coming back as a trio and we are not doing it as a group anymore.

‘I am sad. I miss you all, but we are trying to be strong & be strong as one’ - Riley Reid’s message on the death of her partner Nicki Minaj

Reid was due to perform alongside her ex-boyfriend, former One Direction member Harry Styles and fellow One Direction member Zayn Malik at the launch of the new One Direction line in London, the Evening Standard reports.

But she posted just 48 hours before the event saying she felt as though her ‘allies’ had taken her.

Reid, who was also dating Styles at the time, added: 'I can still be a part of the group

Lil’ Jon is a veteran of the world of professional wrestling; he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006 and, until his recent death, was the ring announcer for the WWE.



Yes of course. It’s fascinating how it captures the tone of the writing, the word choice, the diction. It picked up on that salty Black Ops reddit post perfectly and then immediately after wrote “The sun hath already set, the shadows have begun” to extend Edgar Allen Poe.

Man, Riley Reid really gets around!



It doesn’t OwO/UwU well :frowning:



Ahh, the internet.




the rest

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I’ve played with it a bit to figure out what sort of source material they’re using.

It seems to be based on a few popular public domain books, reddit posts and some others bits I can’t quite detect.

What is certain though is that the longer it’s output is the less coherent it is. Since it doesn’t appear to have an understanding of the content, it just fits the content to approximate what it’s learned from it’s input patterns.

So I input this above text there:

And what do you know it’s starting to output twitter data derived from people (possibly the developer) and others talking about the project.





Not really. @Carloselds is a 15 year old Brazilian boy who’s only tweeted twice. If you try to google generated phrases, none of them show up.



It’s basically now just the developer explaining the project to me

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The name is clearly just filler, but the rest of the content follows a pattern



Like I said, it isn’t ripping anyone off directly. It’s so good that it tricked you dude!



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Most of the strings it generates are garbage, but you can see where it’s going after a few iterations



Yes, 10-15% of the results are great, the rest are largely nonsensical or word salad.



It’s not tricked me for sure.
I’m just telling you that the phrases are assemblies and mutations of existing patterns.



Of course they are. It isn’t a general AI. It’s just really good at doing that. 10-15% success rate is insane.