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AI winning Starcraft now



Still early days as the computer see’s the whole map and may not be able to play all the races.

Follow up content from deepmind.

Edit: The AI see all the map that is visible, there is still fog of war etc. It’s only playing protoss and only on one map.

The Agent AI’s that played the pro players has about 200 years of non-stop realtime playing under their belt.

Also of note the AI is limited to human level “Actions Per Minute”. It even seems to play slower APM than players but good ones.

Clearly this is not “AI”. After 200 years of real time play it cant play a different map of even a different race in SC2.

Still super interesting how pitching deep learning networks at each other gets a agent that beats humans at one box of rules.

Nerd out at 1:41:40 in the second video on the ai in real time.

Nerd out at 1:56:20 same video that the learned Agent runs on normal hardware so to speak with one GPU.


Super interesting stuff. Watched it kind of live when it happened.

That is what I found interesting, the AI can see the whole map, but chooses to focus on specific areas (similar to how a pro player would).


Plus in the live match later they had a specific Agent trained with the “human” camera restriction (which was also the first that got beaten :wink: )