AI vs Humans again. This week Debating

IBM has a kind of spinoff of Waton that won jeopardy a while back called Project Debater. This time the human won :slight_smile:

The potential is amazing down the road where this could tear politicians apart or mansplain to your better half why they are wrong.

Debate starts at 11:20
Rebuttal starts at 24:34
Closing statement starts at 37:41

From this video.
-The topic was “We should subsidize preschool”

  • Project Debater was never trained on this topic that was picked. It has a large database and forms the argument from that. The Human was given 15 mins to research the topic.
  • There are 3 rounds.
  1. 4 min introductory argument on the topic.
  2. 4 min rebuttal.
  3. 2 min closing statement.
  • Project Debater has about 10 billion sentences to pull from and string together to make an argument.
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